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Snapshot of Bihai National Fishing Tackle Show


Many foreign brands may first think of China Fish when they want to penetrate China market and participate in the industry show, we saw quite many foreign brands participated in China Fish these several years while looking for the domestic customers, of course, as we can expect, the result is not good. IF you are looking into the China market, you should find out which show your targeted customers most visit, the first most important domestic show we would recommend is Bihai National Fishing Tackle Show.


Bihai National Fishing Tackle Show(http://www.bhdjz.com/) has been organized by Beijing Bihai Fishing Tackle Company ever since 1989, unlike overseas EFFTEX or ICAST, which is normally held by the industry association, the Bihai show built up its name due to its long history and the tradition it builds for the industry, it is organized twice a year, including Bihai Spring Fishing Tackle Show which is normally held after Chinese Lunar New Year, and Bihai Autumn Fishing Tackle Show, which is normally held in July or Aug.



Within these 27 years, Bihai Show has witnessed the development of China Fishing Tackle Market, same to local big brands, like Old Ghost, Tica, GW Group, etc, in early years from 1989 to 2004, the show was held in the outskirts of Beijing, the show was relocated to Lafang City in 2004, and has been there until 2012, due to the increasing demands and limited space, this Bihai Show has been then finally moved to Tianjing City in 2013, since then, the show has been held in Tianjing.


The recent 2017 Spring Fishing Tackle Trade Show was held from 16th to 19th Feb, housed more than 4000 exhibitors, inclusive of hundreds of small wholesalers scattered outside the main hall, the exhibition space is around 140,000 square meters, covering more than 13 exhibition halls, including L1-L4 four temporary exhibition halls, due to the huge size of the show, this Domestic Show is a must visit date on the calendars of most wholesalers and even retailers throughout the mainland China looking for new products and new brands, according to the statistics, more than 200,000 visitors will attend the show every spring.


Most of the fishing tackle companies operating in China participate in the show, you could find the global leading multinational brands, like SHIMANO, DAIWA, MEGABASS, RAPALA, and the local fishing brands, like Old Ghost, Diaoyuwang, Long Wang Heng, Tian Yuan, and many local brands you have never heard of.QQͼ20170401135506.png


Imagine how big the show is, just take a look at the exhibition history photos, you will have a total picture in mind then.



If you are going to visit the show, we would suggest you visit the spring show, which is most crowded and worth seeing, you could meet many industry stakeholders and customers. Every year, the show date differs depending on the lunar Chinese new year, if you want to come, stay tuned with us, and watch for our latest update.

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