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Operating condition for the channels

Generally speaking, about 1/3 surveyed enterprise channel grew for the year. In addition to the rent and wages, the discount transactions remained mostly below 80%. Therefore, only 13% retail enterprises have net profit growth. Some retail enterprises will close some terminals in 2016, but the opened rate may still keep high. The retails enterprises gradually secures the position in the process of competition. Knowing their own advantages and disadvantages, they make active response.

The sales grew by 35.5% comparing with 2014, 44.2% kept balanced. 26.7% enterprises grew and 20% declined of the enterprises whose sales are under 10 million being surveyed. Meanwhile, only 3% declined and 64% increased whose sales over 10 million.

Due to the openness of consumption, group buying shows a great decrease, about 36.9% enterprises decreases and about 63.1% keeps balance or has a slight increase. Although group buying from the government decrease, that from other enterprises has a slight increase.

Sales gross margin of all the channels: 68% enterprises has the sales margin between 20%-40%. Sales gross margin of 8% enterprises increased and 37.7% decreased compared with data of last year. 23.9% enterprises’ gross profit is between 20%-30%, among which 33.3% increased and 13% decreased. The increase and the decrease are all 21% for those enterprises whose sales is over 10 million.

The average transaction discount rate fell by 29.7%. Discount rate of 32.6% of the surveyed companies is between 70%-80%, and 21.7% of the enterprises is between 60%-70%, even having 10.8% enterprises has the discount rate lower than 50%.

Cost of the staffs’ salary increased comparing with 2014. 26.8% enterprises higher their staffs’ salary over 20%. About 36.2% enterprises rise this cost less than 10%. The cost for the rent increased by 47% and cost for stocking increase 30.4% comparing with the data of 2014.

51.5% of companies plan to have adjustment or transformation in 2016. 8.7% plans to have a slight change while 22.5% plans a large-scale transformation. Among all the surveyed enterprises, 26% companies plan to open new shops, 67.4% enterprise intends to increase to online shops, 35.5% enterprises consider to close some shop having a poor efficiency, 23.9% enterprise would redecorate, 76% of enterprises plan to increase membership services and activities in 2016.